Ayrton MAGICPANEL-R IP20 LED RGBW Used, Second hand

Used MAGICPANEL-R IP20 wash moving light in double flight case from 2016 in excellent condition.

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Success Story Continues

MAGICPANEL R represents a variant of the world famous MAGICPANEL 602, which has enjoyed huge international success since its launch. The integration of the features specific to the RADICAL  range, in conjunction with continuous double rotation on two axes and a 5 x 5 matrix of individually-controlled LED sources around a central point, once again allow AYRTON to push the boundaries of imagination.
Fitted with twenty-five 15 Watt LED RGBW sources paired with 67 mm collimated optics, each MAGICPANEL R offers an overall flux of 10,625 lumen and a centre beam luminous intensity of 1,115,500 candela from a maximum power consumption of 450 Watt. This translates into a visual perception that is twice as high as the 45 mm optics for 30% less power consumption.

An incredible efficiency

Taking into account its 4.5° optics, the RADICAL MAGICPANEL R generates clearly defined beams with a cleaner separation between them. This reinforces the visual rendering of the 3D volumetric effects and triples its range. Each LED source is controlled individually for each colour in the extended mode.
A fast 32-bit circuit board has been developed to allow highly flexible management of the numerous channels necessary for point-by-point control and on large scale installations with hundreds of luminaires. MAGICPANEL R benefits from stringent selection of LED sources, which guarantees colour reproducibility and a considerable increase in flux compared to previous generations.

Technical Specifications
  • Beam aperture: 4,5°
  • 85% optic efficiency
  • High-efficiency 67 mm PMMA optics
  • 25 multi-chip 15 Watt LED sources
  • Light output: up to 10,625 lumen
  • Luminous intensity: 1,115,500 cd
  • Rated sources life: up to 50,000 hours
  • Flicker free sources management, suitable for TV applications and all video recorded events
  • Continuous pan and tilt rotation
  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • Moving-head operated via either 8 or 16 bit resolution
  • High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movements.
  • Pan and tilt automatic repositioning
  • Sophisticated 4 colours RGBW mixed, reaching high Colour Rendering Index
  • Uniform light beam with no colour shadows, and rich saturated and pastel colour-hues
  • 4.29 billion colours (8 bit resolution)
  • Virtual colour wheel, including most usuals white colour temperature presets
  • Dynamic colour macro effect with variable speed
Dimmer / Strobe
  • Electronic dimmer, allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
  • White or colour strobe effect, with speed adjustment from 1 to 25 flashes per second

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