Adamson Systems Engineering SpekTrix From 2012 Used, Second hand

20pcs SpekTrix 2x8"/1.4" active 120° x 5° (H x V) loudspeakers in 4-way flight cases 
  8pcs SpekTrix 2x18" Subwoofers
  2pcs Ampracks with XTA DP448 Processor and Powersoft amplifiers (3 x K2, 2 x K3 and 1 x K6 on each rack)
  2pcs flying frames 

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64,600.00 €

64,600.00 € per Set


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Designed for optimal ease-of-use, the Adamson SpekTrix is a three-way active cabinet that employs two Adamson 8.5 Kevlar, Neodymium drivers, and one B&C DE 900 compression driver mounted on a patented Adamson wave shaping sound chamber. The two 8.5 drivers are each distinct the first is a woofer while the second is a mid range driver.
The sound chamber has a defined coverage pattern of 5-degrees V by 120-degrees H, and is similar to the inner body of a Yaxis drive module with a few modifications. This chamber gives the SpekTrix a slightly curved iso-phase wave front comparable to that of a Yaxis system.
The SpekTrix features Adamson's new Revolving Disk rigging all hardware is recessed, attached and hidden inside the box when arrayed, making the cabinets perfect for industrial applications where you want a system to look discreet. One person can easily accomplish setup of an entire array. The SpekTrix rigging frame is equipped with a single threaded moving pick point, so the center of balance and tilt angle can be precisely adjusted with little effort.
The sleek, trapezoidal SpekTrix cabinet weighs only 62 lbs, and is constructed from rugged 5/8 Baltic birch with a dual component black speckle coat finish.
All SpekTrix cabinets are supplied with lightweight, rugged aluminum dolly boards (four cabinets per dolly), with flight cases available upon request.
The modest styling and compact size of the Adamson SpekTrix makes it perfect for use in small theaters, clubs and houses of worship.

SpekTrix Sub

A compact sub-bass loudspeaker designed to provide high SPL low-end extension to SpekTrix line array loudspeakers. It is equipped with two powerful 18’ Kevlar cone drivers in a tuned and vented enclosure. The SpekTrix Sub features convertible cardioid technology. It can be arrayed conventionally (all enclosures facing the same way) or in front-back or front-back-front setups for true cardioid performance.
Four sets of captured, precision-machined aluminum rigging hardware are spring-loaded and retract into the body when not in use. Four NL8 connectors (two front, two back) enable easy cable loop-thru regardless of the cabinet orientation.

  • Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)           35 Hz - 110 Hz
  • Maximum Peak SPL**    138
  • Components LF 2x AW18 18” Kevlar Low Frequency Driver
  • Nominal Impedance LF 4 Ω
  • Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF 2x 600 / 2x 2400 W
  • Rigging
  • Spring-Loaded Rigging Hardware pops up from the top of the sub in four slots. This allows for Spektrix cabinets to easily be attached under a Spektrix sub in an array.
  • Connection         4x Speakon NL8: 2x Front (Pins 2 +/-), 2x Rear (Pins 1 +/-)
  • Height Front (mm / in)   588 / 23.1
  • Width (mm / in)                710 / 28
  • Depth (mm / in)                820 / 32
  • Weight (kg / lbs)               77 / 170
  • Supported Processing    Lake, Powersoft, XTA

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