CMS1000 complete sound package Used, Second hand

Used CMS1000 complete sound package with Carver amparacks,yamaha D2040 processor,crown Pulse 2650,rigging elements and cabling set.

Photos on request.

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8,000.00 €

8,000.00 € per Set


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12pcs CMS1000 subwoofers, 2x15" JBL 2226HPL-600Watts at 97 dB
8pcs CMS1000 combi loudspeakers, 2x10" JBL 2123J at 250w/1x2" JBL 2445J at 150w/2xJBL 2402H at 40w
2pcs CMS1000 longthrow mid loudspeakers, 3x10" JBL 2123J at 250w
2pcs CMS1000 longthrow high, 3x2" JBL 2445J at 150w/6xJBL2402H at 40w
Carver amplifiers set
1pc Yamaha D2040 processor
1pc Crown Pulse 2650
16pcs Rigging elements
Cabling set

Carver amplifiers including:
8pcs PT1800 2 x 600W at 8 ohm
4pcs PM1200 2 x 450W at 8 ohm
4pcs Martin, MX4 4way cross
4pcs Amp rack, (2 x Master, 2 x Slave, all patchpannels and link)

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