Void Acoustics Air V2-Paraflex V4 used, second hand

1pc Air motion v2 three-way bi-amped loudspeaker in flight case
1pc Air ten v2 compact high output dual 10" loudspeaker
1pc Paraflex 360 v4 18" 17.3" subwoofer
1pc Paraflex 640 v4 17.3" subwoofer
1pc Infiniti 8 v2 2ch amplifier
1pc X6 v2 2ch amplifier.

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15,700.00 €

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Air Motion V2

The revolutionary three-way bi-amped Air Motion sculpted loudspeaker array sets an entirely new standard in audio aesthetics. Never before has so much style and performance been brought together in perfect harmony. Air Motion comprises three transducers – a 12″ low frequency driver, an 8″ mid frequency driver, and a 1.5″ high frequency compression driver – each loaded by an isometric conical horn and housed in a skeletonised format free from restricting and potentially resonant enclosures. Air Motion harnesses the excellent inherent sound quality of the conical horn, whose propagation is based on the spheroid section and allows for solid radiation angles. The benefits are twofold: tight beamwidth control is maintained over the 50° horizontal by 60° vertical dispersion pattern, giving higher output and more defined sound quality due to a decrease in early reflections; and constant directivity is achieved across the horn’s entire dispersion, allowing for an exceptionally balanced waveform transmission. Air Motion will normally be deployed either using a proprietary integral flying and mounting system, or by means of an optional floor or subwoofer mounted ground support system, forming a completely stable and correctly angled audio point source. The Fibreglass Kevlar composite structure is finished in Void red, although as with other Air Series enclosures Air Motion is available in a wide range of custom colours to match specific décor demands. A single Neutrik speakON 4-pole NL4 connector is provided. Key Features Visually striking appearance for style-led environments Exceptionally balanced waveform transmission Fibreglass Kevlar composite construction Standard red finish, optional custom colours Integrated flying and mounting system Optional floor stand or flying bracket Internal electronic control prevents overdriving.

Airten V2

Compact high output dual 10" loudspeaker

The latest acoustic advancements were employed to create a system capable of ground breaking output levels with unparalleled visual inspiration. Improvements have been made in all areas with the this latest three way passive version of the Airten, including a dual driver LF configuration for greater bass extension and a coax point source element for the mid and HF. Comprising two proprietary 10" low frequency drivers and a 1" high frequency compression driver, the components are housed in a space-age composite enclosure that delivers exceptional fidelity across its 80° horizontal by 80° vertical dispersion pattern.
The total elimination of energy robbing enclosure resonance has been achieved through the use of super strong composites that include Kevlar and carbon fibre. In addition to providing desirable acoustical properties, these advanced materials have been instrumental in allowing the Airten’s evolved form to emerge. Airten also employs ‘intake protection’ to accurately control and limit excursion. This unique protection circuit is housed within the enclosure and requires no additional outboard processing or powering. The increased headroom available by monitoring the components at source has produced a system capable of output levels normally associated with enclosures over twice the size of Airten, making it a particularly favoured product for near-field DJ monitoring.
An integral mounting plate ensures stable and accurate positioning, and a pair of Neutrik speakON NL4 connectors provides input and link through connections. The Airten is available with its smooth cellulose exterior finished in red, or as with other Air Series enclosures in a wide range of décor matching custom colours.

Key Features
  • Small footprint ideal for DJ monitoring
  • Very low enclosure resonance
  • Focused 80°h x 80°v dispersion pattern
  • Space saving coaxial MF/HF driver
  • Fibreglass Kevlar composite construction
  • Smooth cellulose finish, optional custom colours
  • Integrated Powerdrive mounting plate
  • Internal electronic control prevents overdriving.

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