DYNACORD Alpha Concept X1-90-B3 Used, Second hand

4pcs Alpha X1-90 (EVX155) loudspeakers
4pcs Alpha B3 (EVX180b) subwoofers

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8,625.00 €

8,625.00 € per Set


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Alpha X-1

The alpha X-1 system is a horn-loaded, active 3-way loudspeaker system. The bass-reflex tuning of the two 15" drivers, coupled with a Constant Directivity horn, provides extremely precise and punchy reproduction of the Lo-Mid frequencies – down to 80 Hz. In the range of 800 Hz to 8 kHz, the truly dynamic and clear reproduction of Mid-Hi frequencies is taken care of by a 2" highperformance drive unit with a True Constant Directivity horn (90° x 40° or 60° x 40°). The brilliant Hi-frequency reproduction is provided by two diffraction or ring radiators (90° or 60° model, respectively). The alpha X-1's trapezoidal shaped cabinet allows convenient arraying of several systems.
Designed for extraordinary performance in sound reinforcement installations. Maximum efficiency. Maximum sound quality. Precisely defined dispersion. Highest reliability. Color, graphic and surface design are customized according to customer's specifications.

Alpha B-3

Planar Waveguide Subwoofer

The alpha B-3 system incorporates 2 x 18" PWH – Planar Waveguide technology (patented) sub woofers. The patent specification defines "PWH" as Planar Waveguide with a Helmholtz resonator, placed inside the wave guide. The 6 to 7 dB gain in the SPL of low-frequencies results from the relation between the resonance of the waveguide and that of the Helmholtz resonator. The PWH sub woofers' construction additionally limits the cone's excursion, guaranteeing truly faithful impulse reproduction, excellent dynamic capabilities, very low distortion, and continuous reliable operation. alpha B-3 systems provide extraordinary directivity in the low-frequency range down to 35 Hz, combining the advantages of direct-radiating and horn-loaded system principles. The unique PWH-design makes the B-3 system superior to any conventional sub woofer-design.
Designed for extreme sub-sonic SPL. Sound Pressure Level – literally: sensible, impulsive, shattering.


DYNACORD has long been established world-wide as a manufacturer of professional power amplifiers ,loudspeakers of the highest quality and has consolidated its position at the top end of the market through many innovations and a reputation for absolute reliability.
For years, power amplifiers from Dynacord  have been used in large and very large audio systems - whether installed or touring - all over the world. Today there are literally thousands of amplifiers made by Dynacord powering major productions in all four-corners of the globe and demonstrating time and again their superlative quality and legendary reliability.


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