NEXO GEO T4805-T2815-CD18 Sound Package Used, Second hand

18pcs GEO T4805 vertical tangent array modules in flight cases
  4pcs GEO T2815 long-throw array modules in flight cases
  8pcs GEO CD18 dual 18" Subwoofers in double dollies
  2pcs bumpers for GEO T
  2pcs Kelping beams
  2pcs Buttom bumpers
  2 amps racks with 5x Vortex6 and 1x NX242 each
  2 amps racks with 2x Vortex6 and 1xNX242 each.

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47,000.00 €

47,000.00 € per Set


About this product

GEO T4805

The T4805 Vertical Tangent Array Module is the most advanced Expression yet of Nexo's patent-pending GEO Technology. It incorporates the Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource, the Configurable Directivity Flange, the Directivity Phase Device and a unique DSP-driven cardioid LF section.
Multiple T4805s and T2815s combine to form a single very high output source of coherent acoustic energy. GEOSoft, our compiled Matlab application, makes it easy to determine the wavefront curvature that will deliver equal power to equal areas in any Venue.

GEO T2815

Like its Long-Throw partner, the T4805, the innovative T2815 Tangent Array Module incorporates the patent-pending GEO Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource. This unique device for controlling acoustic energy makes GEO T the only concert-level sound system in existence that is capable of seamless, coherent nearfield/downfill coverage.
The T2815 controls midbass energy with a unique cardioid dipole that pairs the front-firing woofers with resistive acoustic radiators. When used as the nearfield element in a curved vertical Tangent Array with T4805 modules, the T2815's passive radiators enable it to generate a consisent 120deg dispersion in the non-coupling plane from 77-250Hz. When the T2815 is used on its own as a horizontal Tangent Array module, the acoustic resistors can be closed off to allow 6dB more forward gain (at the expense of some loss of directional control in the lower octaves).


The CD18 uses an innovative approach to the control of long wavelength low frequency acoustic energy. Sophisticated signal processing algorithms, individually applied to each of the dual-ported 18 inch woofers, produce substantial forward gain and more than 12 dB attenuation at the rear. The CD18 puts subbass energy where it is needed and keeps it away from open microphones and reverberant surfaces.
The GEO T & S Series are the result of a three year intensive R&D project that has produced three fundamental patent applications in loudspeaker technology. The performance advantages produced by GEO innovations are easily measurable and clearly audible. With two full range tangent array modules and a hypercardioid subbass, the T Series offers total flexibility to design and deploy horizontal or vertical tangent arrays with coherent output. From high-definition musical reproduction to high output paging systems, GEO Technology delivers optimal performance in venues of all shapes and sizes.

Key Features

  • Unique directional subbass with cardioid or supercardioid pattern keeps subbass energy away from open microphones.
  • 120° x 120° dispersion, usable output from 29 Hz to 180 Hz.
  • Dual-ported 18 inch woofers fire in opposite directions and are driven in reverse polarity.
  • Requires NX241 Digital TDController and two amplifier channels: each woofer is processed individually.
  • Internally braced Baltic Birch cabinet minimizes in-band resonances.
  • Available in structured black coating or dark grey carpet covering.
  • Integrated flying system for use with curved vertical tangent arrays of GEO T Series modules.
  • Cabinets designed for stable ground stacking.


NEXO is one of Europe's top three sound reinforcement loudspeaker manufacturers. Based in Paris, the company has been a wholly-owned strategic business unit of YAMAHA CORPORATION since 2008.
What separates NEXO from the competition is an innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development. Each new product/system begins with sophisticated computer simulations, executed by our highly specialised proprietary software. After the design specification stage, the entire electro-acoustic signal chain is thoroughly modeled and product performance rigorously evaluated to maximize system performance in an incredibly short time frame


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