New products

  • 1,995.00 €
    1pc  UHFR-UR4D+ double receiver 2pcs UHFR-UR2+ SM58 hand-helds 2pcs UHFR-UR1M micro-bodypack transmitter2pcs Antennas2pcs BNC cables. Photos on request.
  • 2,550.00 €
    Used Venue S3L control surface from 2013 in original flight case. Photos on request.
  • 8,800.00 €
    Set of SD9 digital mixer Core 1 in flight case with D-rack 32in/16out stage rack in flight case, in excellent condition. Photos on request.
  • 19,500.00 €
    1pc   ProX control surface from 2015 in touring flight case with 1x 8CH TRS in/out, 1x analog 8CH output, 1x analog 8CH input cards 1pc   ProX engine rack 1pc   ProSeries DL351 with 48 in/16 analog out XLR modules 1pc   ProSeries DL451 (3 Slots) with 3 x analog 8CH XLR out cards 1pc   Neutrik extreme DualCon LWL 150m cable 4pcs AES50 1,5m cables to...
  • 127,500.00 €
    Set of 12pcs K1 WST line sources from 2015 with chariots and chariot covers.Photos on request.
  • 8,950.00 €
    Used SD11i digital mixing console from 2012 in original flight case. Photos on request.
  • 26,990.00 €
    1pc Vi7000 digital mixing console in flight case 1pc VI5000/7000 Local Rack in fligth case with 1x Dante and 2x Madi cards 1pc VI Stage Rack 64 in / 32 Out in flight case. Photos on request.
  • 690.00 €
    Set of 8pcs WildBeam-R 7x15W RGBW IP20 LED moving light in quad flight cases (sip inlays) with power cable, omega clamp and safety wire for each light. Photos on request.
  • 16,500.00 €
    2pcs VHD 2.0 (1x L, 1x R) long throw enclosures with cover2pcs VHD 2000 system control and amplifications 2pcs VHD Frames 2pcs Cart for VHD 2.0. Photos on request.
  • 144,700.00 €
    12pcs K2 variable curvature WST line sources from 2018 on chariots with covers  8pcs KS28 high-power subwoofers from 2018 with individual dolly and covers  4pcs LA8 AES/EBU digital amplifiers  2pcs LA12X digital amplifiers  2pcs K2BUMPs with 2pcs K2 BARs and 2pcs K1 Delta in K2BUMP flightcase  1pc   K2-Jack  2pcs LK2 Lasermounts. Photos on request.
  • 16,900.00 €
    Used GrandMA2 light/8GB lighting console in flight case with TFT/Touchscreen displays, dust cover, power cable and littlelights, in perfect working condition. Photos on request.
  • 6,300.00 €
    Used PT-RZ970 10000 ANSI Lumens WUXGA 1-Chip DLP laser projector in flightcase with single point clamp,but without lens. Photos on request.