New products

  • 27,200.00 €
    16pcs XLD281 2x8"/2x2" line array speakers in quad flightcases  4pcs X-Sub double 18" subwoofers on dollies  2pcs XLD fly grids  1pc amprack fitted with 2pcs DX38, 2pcs CP3000 and 2pcs P3000.Photos on request.
  • 17,800.00 €
    12pcs dV-DOSC 2 x 8"/1.4" WST line array speakers in triple flight cases  4pcs dV-SUB dual-vented bandpass-loaded triple 15” subwoofers on single dV-SUBPLA dollies with dV-SUBCOV  2pcs dV-BUMP flying bumpers for rigging dV-DOSC / dV-SUB with extension bars  1set dV-ANGLE with all necessary P1, P2, SS, SD, SD, SDP. Photos on request.
  • 46,200.00 €
    18pcs KF730 line array speakers12pcs LA400 12" horn subwoofers  2pcs KF730 fly frames with accessories. Photos on request.
  • 48,600.00 €
    18pcs XLD281 2x8"/2x2" line array speakers  6pcs X-Sub double 18" subwoofers without flying on dolly with covers   4pcs XCS312 subwoofers  2pcs TG-7 amplifiers  4pcs TG-5 amplifiers  9pcs CP3000s amplifiers  4pcs DX46 system controller  2pcs XLD fly grids  2pcs XLC to XLD extender grids  3pcs 13HE Skylite case Dollies for all XCS312 and XLD281.Photos on...
  • 21,650.00 €
    Ex demo/ Like new GrandMA3 Compact XT lighting console in flightcase. Photos on request.
  • 8,500.00 €
    Used IVL M-Carré lighting technology unit with omega brackets and cover for M-Carre. Photos on request.