Sennheiser EW 300 G2 Wireless Microphone Package Used, Second hand

Set of 1pc EW 300 G2 receiver with 1pc SKM 300 G2 hand-held transmitter.

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300.00 €

300.00 € per Set


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EW 300 G2

When Sennheiser evolutionized the world of performance wireless microphones with our original evolution series, we introduced startling new technology and innovative design. Now, we are again pushing the limits of performance, audio quality, ruggedness and ease of use. We’ve redesigned the evolution series from the inside out for G2. With features such as much smaller body packs, larger backlit LCD displays, AutoScan function on all receivers, 36Mhz switching bandwidth, and the most intuitive user interfaces available, evolution G2 is the most advanced, best sounding, easy-to-use, road-worthy wireless microphone system available today.

Evolution Wireless G2 300 Series

For increased flexibility and power, the 300 Series is an excellent choice. It gives you eight switchable presets (reprogrammable to any of the 1440 available frequencies), peak-hold level and battery meter status indicators, and variable-level balanced XLR and unbalanced TS 1/4” connectors. In addition, an alphanumeric name can be assigned to the receiver

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