VMB HDT-8 Ex demo/ Like new

Ex demo/ Like new black HDT-8 8,2m/350kg line array truss lift with 2pcs GS-0.8 shackle for line arrays with FAS (16mm/800kg).

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3,200.00 €

3,200.00 € per Piece


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The HDT-8 (Heavy Duty Tower) has been designed to bear heavy loads of 350kg up to 8,2m with the biggest steel base of the TL Series lifting towers, and 6 sections of 6082-T6 aluminum alloy and the largest aluminum profile of the TL Series.
Designed to lift heavy loads from the ground, and keep them fix at high altitudes.
This lifting tower is very easy to drive with its 4 swivel castors, at the base, and 2 more swivel wheels on the front legs.
It has powerful stabilizers in the legs, to level the lifter in difficult terrains, with big slopes.
Black finish, with epoxy powder paint offering great resistance.
It has two adjustable steel load forks that support the load, either supported on top of it, or hung underneath.
VMB offers you a wide range of accessories, which combined with this lifter allows you to increase the number of applications. One of the most used accessories, for example, is the RH-5 transport kit, which serves to tilt the lifter, horizontally and make the transportation in vans, trucks, etc. easier.
The HDT-8 features the ALS Red locks of VMB, which automatically block each section while lifting. And the inertial pendulum ILS safety system for the aluminum lifting carriage. It also has the special SRS Retaining system, patented by VMB, which guarantees that the towerlift’s aluminum sections will rise in order, and most importantly: automatically.
VMB offers you a 2-year warranty and stock of spare parts for 5 years. In addition we have our own factory in Spain, where we offer service to review and repair your lifter.

  • Max. height: 8.2m (26.9′)
  • Max. Load: 350Kg (772 lb)
  • Safety: ALS auto-lock
  • Work surface: 2.11 x 2.57m (7 x 8.4′)
  • Folded height: 1.98m (6.5′)
  • Winch: 1700Kg
  • Adaptor: 0,75m Forks included
  • Weight: 232Kg (512 lb)

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For over 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing the leading towerlift brand in the World. We have built up an International sales work spanning every continent and have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the World. We deliver the most superior lifts available together with the finest components and most complete service. Every process receives meticulous care which is why our lifts not only last longer than others but why people keep returning to use VMB lifts. Our lifts are designed for the professional user and when designing, it is their needs that we take in to consideration.


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