NEXO GEO S1210 Used, Second hand

10pcs Nexo GEO S1210 2-Way Scalable Loudspeakers
  2pcs GEO S12 Bumpers
  2pcs GEO S12 Adjusters
  6pcs GEO-S12-VNT-XHBRK Lifting Rings
  2pcs GEO S12 GPT-SSBRK U-Brackets, for single horizontal GEO S12
  4pcs GEO S12 Weatherproof covers
Nexo GEO S12 GPT-FLG 120 Degrees flange kits (2 pairs per Set)

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18,400.00 €

18,400.00 € per Set


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GEO S1210

Scalable Loudspeaker Module

The compact, 2-way GEO S1210 is a scalable loudspeaker module that displays exceptional MF-LF output (103dBSPL nominal sensitivity -1W/1m) from a single12” loudspeaker and NEXO’s proprietary Directivity Phase Device (DPD). A very narrow-Q (10°) device in single-source mode, S1210’s unique Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource (HRW) allows coupled S1210/1230s to radiate as coherent, wavefronts, yeilding precise pattern control in vertical or horizontal arrays. S12 arrays display traditional.
Coupled MF/HF pattern control is array-dependent, as designed by NS-1 array software. Non-coupled MF/HF coverage is adjustable, via NEXO’s patented Configurable Directivity Device (CDD) flanges, at either 80° or 120°. Comprehensive hardware accessories, for both fixed and mobile systems, optimize inter-cabinet angles and rigging. NEXO’s NXAMP TDcontroller maximizes S1210’s MF/HF coherency while providing EtherSound network control.

  • Coherent Wave Propagation from NEXO’s
  • Advanced Constant Velocity Profile Output from 5.1° Wavefront Curvature
  • Integral Rigging System with Angles from 0.20° to 10°
  • NS-1 Configurable
  • Bottom-Line Engineering for Theatre to
  • Arena-Sized Fixed & Mobile Applications

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