NEXO GEO S805-S830 Used, Second hand

12pcs GEO S805 high-output long trow array modules in quad flight cases
  4pcs GEO S830 high-output down fill array modules in quad flight case
  1pcs NX241 Processor
  1pcs NX242 Processor
  4pcs GEO S8 fly frames
  2pcs GEO S8 ground stacks.

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11,500.00 €

11,500.00 € per Set


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GEO S805


Since its introduction in 2002, the GEO S805 has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to project coherent sound over long distances. Arrays of up to 23x S805 Vertical Tangent Array Modules and 1x S830 Horizontal/Vertical Tangent Array Module have been deployed for large indoor and outdoor events, with consistently excellent results in the reproduction of music and speech.

The high output neodymium drivers, the patent-pending Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource and Directivity Phase Device that provide coherent coupling of multiple drivers in large arrays, and the optimized protection of the NX242 Digital TDcontroller combine to produce an unprecedented level of efficiency.

GEO S830


The compact GEO S830 is a high-output array module intended for horizontal tangent arrays or as a downfill element in curved (tangent) vertical arrays to establish consistent SPL in all coverage areas. The HRW allows the 30° S830 and 5° S805 to be coherently arrayed together. GEO S Series loudspeakers ship with 120° dispersion (in the non-coupling plane) Configurable Directivity Devices (CDD), but are field-changeable to 80° CDDs. To maximize down-fill coverage, CDFs are used on GEO S830s for the bottom two rows of curved vertical arrays.


NEXO is one of Europe's top three sound reinforcement loudspeaker manufacturers. Based in Paris, the company has been a wholly-owned strategic business unit of YAMAHA CORPORATION since 2008.
What separates NEXO from the competition is an innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development. Each new product/system begins with sophisticated computer simulations, executed by our highly specialised proprietary software. After the design specification stage, the entire electro-acoustic signal chain is thoroughly modeled and product performance rigorously evaluated to maximize system performance in an incredibly short time frame.


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