Meyer Sound M'elodie Used, Second hand

12pcs M'elodie high-power weather protected curvilinear array loudspeakers (powerCON In/Out, XLR-3 Pol In/Out) with RMS
  2pcs MG-M'elodie multipurpose grids.

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27,720.00 €

27,720.00 € per Set


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The Melodie loudspeaker is a self-powered, three-way design featuring drivers designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound’s Berkeley, California, factory.
The low/low-mid section features two high-power,neodymium-magnet, 8-inch cone drivers with 1.5-inch voice coils, created to meet the power requirements of the system. The drivers are a proprietary design employing neodymium magnets for higher efficiency and power handling with reduced weight.
The lowest frequency range is reproduced by these high-power drivers working in tandem, each powered by a dedicated amplifier channel. To assure the smoothest response in the critical midrange and crossover region, M’elodie incorporates a complex active crossover design.
For low frequencies, both drivers work together, but in the low-mid frequencies only one of the two 8-inch drivers is active. This technique eliminates interference between the drivers that would otherwise occur at shorter wavelengths, while at the same time maintaining optimal polar and frequency response characteristics at the crossover frequency.
The high-frequency section uses a 1.2-inch exit, 3-inch diaphragm compression driver with a neodymium magnet, powered by a dedicated amplifier channel. The output of the driver is coupled to a 100-degree (horizontal coverage) constant-directivity horn through a custom REMmanifold.
The REM is a patented coupling device that introduces driver output to the horn throat across a very short path,effectively controlling the dispersion characteristics, but with dramatically reduced distortion in comparison to other techniques.

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