MIDAS Audio XL8-DL471-DL451-DL431 Package Used, Second hand

1pc   XL8 120ch in / 48ch out digital mixing console in flight case with stack frame
2pcs 150m fiber optical cable in reel
1pc   DSP rack with 10 x DL471 processor and 2 x DL461 router
1pc   Stage rack with 3pcs DL451 stage boxes
1pc   Stage rack with 2pcs DL431 Mic splitters.

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13,800.00 €

13,800.00 € per Set


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XL8 Live Performance System

The XL8 live performance system is truly revolutionary and heralds Midas’ entry into the digital mixing realm. However, this is not merely another digital mixing console. XL8 offers an incomparable design combining exemplary sound quality, flexibility and reliability with an ease and familiarity of use unrivalled by other digital control surfaces. XL8 is the first of a new generation of openarchitecture, cross-platform, integrated audio control and distribution systems, which brings control of not only audio, but other aspects of a live performance to a single, intuitive control centre.
As well as offering classic Midas audio quality and superb reliability, XL8 actually improves upon the performance of the analogue consoles, which have established Midas as the number one choice of sound engineers the world over. XL8 represents a new generation of networked systems, requiring only mics, amps and speakers to provide a complete audio system.
The XL8’s open architecture ensures that both third-party hardware and software, including “plug-ins” can be easily integrated into the system. The very latest in highspeed networking technology ensures that XL8 will conform to all the classic Midas brand values of sound quality, reliability and longevity, it will not be obsolete in a few years.

Live Performance System Features
  • Failure-tolerant of any single failure of hardware or software
  • Proven, stable, Linux operating system
  • Dual redundant master control processors
  • Five individual bay control processors
  • 24/7 global telephone support
  • Midas customer service and support centres in Minneapolis (USA), Kidderminster (UK), Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore
  • Three year factory warranty
  • Rugged design, tolerant of physical abuse!
XL8 Control Centre

As can be expected from the design team at Midas, the XL8 has been painstakingly designed to address the way in which sound engineers approach the task of mixing. The control centre can be operated from scratch quickly and easily – even by engineers new to digital control surfaces.
XL8 has been designed so the engineer does not have to think in terms of numbers, pages or layers. Users navigate the system and identify channels by colours and groupings, which they themselves create. This method allows an individualised approach to mixing, rather than working within hardware-dictated numerical limitations. This reassuringly familiar way of working is central to the XL8 and ensures that engineers do not have to change their way of thinking to feel comfortable with the new system.
Each of the five bays of the console is a discrete hardware module, which is independent of its neighbour and incorporates its own power supply, surface processor, GUI processor and screen. The only common connection is via a single Ethernet link to the network.
The standard 5-bay control surface comprises a total of five of the following three modules: 

  • 3 x Input module
  • 1 x Mix module
  • 1 x Output module.

In addition to placing engineers in a familiar comfort zone, which allows them to get on with the job of making great audio without worrying about the rigours of new technology, the XL8 also comes complete with a range of features unique in the world of live mixing.

Control Centre Features
  • Dedicated motor faders on outputs
  • Paged controls do not change function (e.g. a gain knob is always a gain knob – never a frequency knob!)
  • Silky smooth, high accuracy rotary controls
  • Dedicated discrete hardware remote control for onboard Graphic EQs with the Klark Teknik Rapide
  • Modular control surface with multiple input areas - easily accommodates multiple operators
  • Two routers in the control centre in addition to the two DL461 Audio System Signal Routers
  • Daylight visible DVI TFT display screens
  • Three way KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) remote control of any ‘Mac ‘ or ‘PC’ from the control centre
  • White LED lighting of the control centre surface
  • 63 discrete 20-segment LED meters
  • Discrete LED meters for dynamics and direct outs
  • “All the meters all the time” master status screen
  • Simple, visible hardware routing to master outputs

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