Soundcraft Vi400 Package Used, Second hand

1pc   Vi400 digital mixing console in flightcase with cover
1pc   Local rack with 96 channels
1pc   Stage rack 64/32
2pcs 100m Cat-Amphenol cable.

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12,300.00 €

12,300.00 € per Set


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Only months after the introduction of the highly successful Soundcraft Vi6, the Vi Series of digital live sound consoles has been extended with the new Soundcraft Vi4 model, offering all the functionality and facilities of the Soundcraft Vi6, but in a smaller, more compact footprint more suited for space-conscious applications such as Theatres, Houses of Worship and venues or clubs with space-limited mix positions.
In just under 1.5m/5 feet, the Soundcraft Vi4 offers access to 96 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 35 output busses available for use as masters, groups, auxes or matrices. All other features of the Soundcraft Vi6, such as the highly acclaimed Vistonics II touch-screen user interface, Soundcraft FaderGlow fader function display and the unequalled audio quality are inherited by the Soundcraft Vi4.


Features available when a Vi2/4/6 console is upgraded with this option:

  • New-look 3D-Vistonics touchscreen graphics, as Vi000-series consoles
  • 30-second Fast-boot
  • Faster surface response, particularly on layer changes
  • Functioning Setup buttons for encoder USER mode assign and F1-6-key assign
  • Shure Mic Monitoring
  • Full-featured ViSi Remote, with EQ, Dynamics & metering (V6.2 s/w and ViSi Remote V3.2 onwards)
  • ‘Mirroring’ of two consoles (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Ability to control the console on-line using Virtual Vi as well as the Control Surface
  • Input channels assignable to Master Bay feature (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Increased number of insert points (64) and tie lines (128)
  • Ability to use the upgraded Surface with either a Vi4/6 ‘Classic’ Local Rack, or a Vi5/7000 Local Rack *
  • Local I/O can either use original passive breakout box on Classic Local Rack, or ABB on Vi5/7000 Local Rack
  • Ability to benefit from future software updates on the V6.x software platform (new features may be restricted compared with Vi000-series due to the limitations of the surface and DSP in the Local Rack)

*Features from Vi5/7000 that are NOT available with the Vi4/600 Control Module upgrade are:

  • 128 inputs not available (channel count remains at 96ch assuming minimum of 3 DSP cards in Classic rack, or 5 or 8 DSP cards in a Vi5/7000 Local Rack).
  • 96kHz sample rate operation not available
  • BSS DPR 901ii Dynamic EQ not available
  • vMIX automatic microphone mixing not available

These features are ONLY available by implementing a FULL Vi5000/7000 Upgrade or by purchasing a complete new Vi5000/7000 system (see the Vi5000 or 7000 web pages for product details and information about the upgrade possibilities).

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