L-Acoustics 115FM Used, Second hand

Used 115FM 15"/1.4" in double flight case.

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Precise and powerful,the L-Acoustics 115FM floor monitor is the ideal tool for the monitor engineer, especially for high SPL applications. The 115FM is the first floor monitor to combine the advantages of coaxial technology with the pattern control of conical waveguide loading.The coaxial approach to floor monitor design was pioneered by L-Acoustics with the MTD line and provides unsurpassed coherence in the near field.
Advantages of coaxial technology include: single point source radiation and excellent phase response, total wavefront coherency at all frequencies and axi-symmetrical   directivity that produces identical horizontal and vertical coverage. Coaxial design also provides LF/HF superimposed dispersion characteristics that are free of polar lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofer combinations. The end result is natural,studio monitor level sound quality that is ideal for proximity use in floor monitoring applications.
The 115FM combines extremely high sound pressure level capability with exceptional clarity, fidelity and pattern control. The optimum combination of the 15" loudspeaker and the 1.4" neodymium compression driver in a coaxial assembly results in exceptional power response stability with high immunity to feedback. Conical waveguide loading focuses mid/high frequency energy over a 45-degree axi-symmetrical pattern while at the same time loading the 15" loudspeaker for improved upper mid bass efficiency.
The ultra-compact format and low profile of the 115FM allows for optimum sightlines even in the most confined locations. With the flexibility of dual angle configurations, the 115FM can be used for either short or long-throw monitoring.

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