Crest Audio Pro 7200 Used, Second hand

Used Pro 7200 2ch power amplifier.

Photos on request.

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720.00 €

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Pro 7200

The Pro 200 Series professional power amplifiers offer Crest’s renowned sonic integrity while providing exceptionally high power ratings in a compact, lightweight (under 25 lbs.) 2RU package.
The Pro 200 Series amps feature Automatic Clip Limiting (ACL) to protect connected drivers; IGM Impedance Sensing to accommodate varying impedance outputs; tunnel-cooled, high efficiency heat sinks and variable-speed DC fans to limit the operating temperature and extend amplifier life.

  • Dramatically reduced net weight
  • Latest generation of high speed, wide-bandwidth output devices
  • Dual, variable speed fans
  • Balanced XLR inputs
  • Speakon and 5-way binding post speaker outputs
  • Mode selector switch for stereo, parallel and bridged-mono operation
  • Input sensitivity selection
  • Recessed, stepped attenuators
  • Front panel circuit – breaker switch

Gradually increases gain to the attenuator level settings when the amplifier is turned on. This prevents abrupt turn-on level.
Other protection features include: short circuit, DC voltage, comprehensive thermal management and current in-rush turn-on/off; transient sub-sonic input.

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