In Ear Systems
  • 460.00 €
    Used EK 2000 (500Mhz) wireless microphone receiver for SR2050. Photos on request.
  • 1,800.00 €
    Used SR 2050 IEM double transmitter. Photos on request.
  • 1,830.00 €
    Used SR 2050 IEM-AW double transmitter with antenna mount Kit Photos on request.
  • 2,100.00 €
    Set of 1pc A-16D Pro 8port A-Net distributor with 8pcs A-16II personal monitor mixers in flight case. Photos on request.
  • 2,200.00 €
    Set in B-band with 1pc SR2000 IEM in-ear transmitter and 2pcs EK2000 IEM in-ear receiver. Photos on request.
  • 3,100.00 €
    2pcs PSM900/P9T-UK transmitters in frequency range K1E (596-632MHz) from 2011 with DC power supply, each pair of units is bolted together and fitted with rack ears to fit a standard 19” rack 4pcs PSM900/P9R Receivers in frequency range K1E (596-632MHz) from 2011,The receivers are split across two firmware versions. Photos on request.
  • 3,500.00 €
    Set of P10TE in-ear transmitter with 2pcs P10R in-ear receivers. Photos on request.
  • 3,575.00 €
    1pc  BTR-800 2-ch synthesised wireless intercom base station in 2U case4pcs TR-825 2-ch binaural wireless beltpacks4pcs BP-800-NM NiMH batteries (partially with low battery life) and 4pcs WTR-BC battery pack 2pcs Rod Antennas 1pc   Charger 2pcs Adapter cable BTR-800 4-wire interface, RJ12 to 1x XLR 3pol (m) + 1x XLR 3pol (f)frequency bands: 1x Set A2,...
  • 6,400.00 €
    1pc  BTR-800 two-channel UHF synthesised wireless intercom base station,(A2) c/w whip antennas4pcs TR-825/A2 UHF two-channel binaural wireless beltpacks 4pcs Beyer Dynamic DT280 single sided headsets4pcs Spare BP-800-NM NiMH batteries 4pcs Spare BC-800-NM4 4-way charger 2pcs ALP 440 UHF directional antennas. Photos on request.
  • 7,720.00 €
    4pcs P9T-UK transmitters in range K1E (596-632MHz) from 2011 with DC psu in 19” rack. 8pcs P9R receivers in range K1E (596-632MHz) from 2011, the receivers are split across two firmware versions. 1pc  PA421SWB antenna combiner (wide-band) with a 13A IEC power cable, 4xBNC cables and 4xDC cables 1pc new 5m VDC 50Ω BNC cable. 1pc PA805SWB unidirectional...
  • 7,995.00 €
    8pcs PSM900 P9T 702-742 MHz P7 transmitters. 9pcs PSM900 P9R 702-742 MHz P7 receivers 1pc   Antenna Combiner 8 Gang Combiner 1pc   Flag antenna and cable.All in flight Case with rack drawer and power distribution. Photos on request.
  • 9,100.00 €
    1pc  BTR-800 two-channel UHF synthesised wireless intercom base station, 536.000MHz - 554.000MHz (B4 Frequency band)4pcs TR-825 UHF two-channel binaural wireless beltpacks, 668.000MHz - 686.000MHz 4pcs Headset 1pc   RTS Radiocom battery charger for 4 x BP-800NM complete with batteries and universal PSU All in flight case Photos on request.