• 3,450.00 €
    6pcs EM300 G3 receivers6pcs SK300 Handhelds with E835 head and battery6pcs microphone clamps 2pcs SK300 bodypack with rechargeable battery 3pcs charging station L2015 (All Connected 1Netzteil) 2pcs neckband HS 2 -1 2pcs MKE 2-1053 Lavalier Photos on request.
  • 3,450.00 €
    4pcs EM 500 G3 true diversity receivers4pcs bodypack transmitters4pcs handheld transmitters with 935 capsule 1pc   ASA 1 Antenna Splitter 2pcs A2003 directional antennas with Cable2pcs AB 3 B antenna boosters. Photos on request.
  • 3,780.00 €
    6pcs EW 500, C Band receiver (734 -776 MHz)6pcs EW 500 C Band (734 -776 MHz) pocket transmitter 2pcs ASA 1 Antenna Splitter 2x1:4 (all wired) 6pcs Instrument cable transmitter. In the case complete with LinkSys network switch and complete cabling (supply and signal) Photos on request.
  • 5,950.00 €
    1pc   UHF EM-3732 dual channel Receiver 2pcs UHF SKM-5200 Hand-Held Transmitters 2pcs Neumann KK-105S capsule heads 2pcs UHF B-5000-2 battery packs for SKM-5000 2pcs AD-3700 Antennas. Photos on request.
  • 7,689.00 €
    4pcs UR4D P8/710 - 790 Mhz double receivers 8pcs UR2/Beta 87 P8/710 - 790 Mhz hand-held transmitters 8pcs UR1 P8/710 - 790 Mhz body pack transmitters 8pcs antennas. Photos on request.
  • 8,700.00 €
    3pcs UHFR UR4D+ double receivers with G1E frequency range (470.125–529.875 MHz)6pcs UHFR UR1 body packs 6pcs UHFR UR2 SM58 hand helds. Photos on request.
  • 9,890.00 €
    2pcs EM 2050 dual receivers 626-698Mhz 4pcs SK 2000 bodypacks 4pcs SKM 2000 handhelds with 935 capsule 4pcs Neumann KK204 BK capsules (new) 4pcs DPA 4066-F headsets 2pcs A2003 directional antennas 2pcs A1031 U omnidirectional antennas 1pc   Network switch installed in the Case 4pcs Manfrotto magic arm (2 of them in a case with Acc. ) 2pcs rack with...
  • 12,200.00 €
    2pcs ULX-D4D dual receivers, K51 frequency 1pc  ULX-D4DQ quad receiver, K51 frequency 8pcs ULX-D2 Beta58A Transmitters, K51 frequency 4pcs ULX-D1 beltpack transmitters, K51 frequency 2pcs UA874E active paddles1pc  flight case 6U with 2U drawer and UA440 BNC connection panel All cabling. Photos on request.
  • 13,225.00 €
    2pcs AD4/DE dual receivers4pcs AD1/TA4 bodypacks (mini XLR) 2pcs AD2/K9B hand transmitters with KSM9 black 2pcs AD2/K8B hand transmitters with KSM8 black 2pcs UA874WB, active Directional antennas1pc   SKB case with inlay for 2x directional antennas and accessories 1pc   19" Case 4U, brown, with drawer and inlay - case and drawer are already older, inlay...
  • 13,700.00 €
    1pc AXT620 switcher 1pc AXT600 spectrum manager 2pcs AXTVA860 UHF antenna 1pc AXT630E UHF ant. distr. amplifier 1pc AXT610 access port 2pcs AXT400 2ch receiver 2pcs AXT200 BETA58A handhelds 2pcs AXT100 beltpacks 1pc AXT900E charging st. 2pcs AXT901 charge module for AXT910 2pcs AXT902 charge module for AXT920 2pcs AXT 910 Li-ion batteries 2pcs AXT 920...
  • 14,200.00 €
    5pcs UR4D+ double receivers with frequency band: J5E (570-660 Mhz) 6pcs UR1 body pack transmitters 6pcs UR2 hand helds with SM58 capsule 1pc   UA845 splitter 2pcs UA874 directional active antennas 2pcs RJ213 5m cables Everything in flightcases. Photos on request.
  • 15,100.00 €
      5pcs UR4D+ P8 (frequency range:710 - 790 Mhz) double receivers  3pcs UR4S+ P8 (frequency range:710 - 790 Mhz) single receivers  4pcs UR4D P8 (frequency range:710 - 790 Mhz) double receivers 15pcs UR2/Beta58A P8 (frequency range:710 - 790 Mhz) handhelds transmitters  5pcs UR1 P8 (frequency range:710 - 790 Mhz) beltpack transmitters Photos on request.