Sound Systems
  • 2,300.00 €
    1pc MSL-4 high-Q arrayable 12"/4" loudspeaker 1pc DS-2P arrayable 2x15" mid-bass speaker Rigging system for MSL4. Photos on request.
  • 4,035.00 €
    Set of 4pcs VTX F12 12" Bi-Amplified 2-Way loudspeakers with dollies and covers. Photos on request.
  • 4,130.00 €
    2pcs 112XT 12"/1.4" coaxial loudspeakers in flight case with space for brackets 2pcs SB118 subwoofer with cover and dolly 2pcs ETR 112XT flight blackets2pcs external filter kit for passive operation 112XT. Photos on request.
  • 5,400.00 €
    2pcs LA325 full-range loudspeakers with cover 2pcs LA128 2x18" subwoofers with cover 2pcs dolly plate without wheels 1pc  19 inch rack double lid 1pc  MX-100 system processor 1pc  Carver PT-1800 amplifier 1pc  Carver PT-2400 amplifier 1pc  19 inch patch panel 1pc  CEE 230 Volt connection cable. Photos on request.
  • 5,400.00 €
    4pcs KF300E 12"/7"/1" loudspeakers2pcs SB600E dual 15" subwoofers4pcs flying frames set for tops 1set  LS cable set1 Amprack 14U Amprack consist of 3pcs Dynacord L1600 Amplifiers 1pc  MX300i controller 1pc  16A CEE power distributor1pc  patch panel Photos on request
  • 5,500.00 €
    4pcs KF853D 2x10"/2x2" Loudspeakers4pcs BH853F 2x15" SubwoofersCabling. Photos on request.
  • 6,250.00 €
    4pcs Alpha E-M High power Mid/Hi module (140dB peak SPL @ 1m) with horn loaded 10” MF and 3” HF components with removable front dolly 4pcs Alpha E B1-18 High power Bass module (140dB peak SPL @ 1m) using a composite curve flared horn loaded 1x 18” 6Ω LF driver with removable front dolly. Photos on request.
  • 6,500.00 €
    2pcs M12/NLT4 12"/1.4" loudspeakers2pcs B15p 15" subwoofers 1pc   amprack with 2pcs Digam K3 amplifiers. Photos on request.
  • 6,720.00 €
    4pcs Alpha E M 10”/2” Loudspeakers in 2pcs wheelboards4pcs Alpha E Bass B1-18 subwoofers in wheelboardsComplete cabling Photos on request.
  • 6,845.00 €
    4pcs Alpha E M 10”/2” loudspeakers4pcs Alpha E Bass B1-18 subwoofers Amprack with 1pc Lab Gruppen 4000 amplifier, 1pc Lab Gruppen 2000 amplifier and NX241 digital controllercablingPhotos on request.
  • 7,150.00 €
    4pcs Alpha E M 10”/2” Loudspeakers4pcs Alpha E Bass B1-18 SubwoofersCabling and WheelsPhotos on request.
  • 7,200.00 €
    4pcs C4-TOP loudspeakers4pcs C4-SUB subwoofersPhotos on request.